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Dairy Ingredients

Dairy Ingredients

Total control over quality, texture and taste.

Since the 1994 introduction of Cheese-Phos® — our patented process developed to provide a liquid room-temperature process-cheese
stabilizer — Hawkins has continued to innovate better ways for our
cheese partners to automate and improve their products. Today, our
emulsifiers provide superior flow for easier blending and improved
product consistency, and our stabilizers maintain product performance well beyond the norm. For natural and processed cheese and
other dairy products, we are your ultimate resource for controlling
listeria and pathogens while also improving shelf-life, yield, texture,
and margins.

    • Hawkins-owned manufacturing facilities promote quality control and customization
    • SQF 2000 Certification verifies our investment in meeting the
      highest possible standards
    • Multiple sourcing provides necessary options for achieving
      optimal quality
    • Seamless traceability ensures total control of resources and
      quality across the supply chain
    • Liquid proficiency guarantees the ultimate in automated
      accuracy, blending, and economy
    • Superior sensory performance

Contact us today and let’s formulate the ultimate solution for your
dairy ingredient needs.

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Hawkins products and ingredients tailor-made to
improve dairy product performance:

  • Cheese-Phos (monosodium phosphate)
  • liquid dipotassium phosphate
  • dipotassium phosphate
  • liquid mono potassium phosphate
  • disodium phosphate
  • liquid sodium citrate
  • liquid potassium citrate
  • lactic acid

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