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Biological Controls


Bio-Kat, A Natural Solution
Cellular Bio-Activation Additive

Eliminate or Reduce:
• Hydrogen Sulfide Odors
• Hydrogen Sulfide Corrosion
• FOG Accumulation


Bio-Kat is a natural bio-cellular activator sewage additive product containing a blend of constituents developed by NRP (Natural Resource Protection, Inc.). This microbial
metabolic stimulant blend decreases hydrogen sulfide production and increases overall biodegradability in sewer collection systems.

Benefits to Municipalities
•   Cost reduction
•   Environmentally friendly
•   Personnel safety
•   Non toxic
•   Turn-key service or municipal directed


Collection System Benefits:
•   Eliminate or reduce hydrogen sulfide odor issues
•   Eliminate or reduce hydrogen sulfide corrosion issues
•   Eliminate or reduce fats, oils and grease accumulation

Down Stream Wastewater Treatment Plant Benefits:
•   Lower BOD loading due to less organics reaching WWTP
•   Increase plant throughput per unit time
•   Reduce sludge generated by WWTP
•   Decrease turbidity
•   Improve settle-ability
•   Improve plant operations

Cost Reduction Benefits:
•   Reduce or eliminate electricity and maintenance costs for bio-filters or scrubbers
•   Reduce or eliminate labor cost for manual lift station pump out and line jetting
•   Extend life of pumps and other metal parts

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