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Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate

Ammonium Sulfate General Characteristics:
Appearance: White crystals or granules

CAS #: 7783-20-2

Chemical Formula: (NH4)2SO4

Molecular Weight: 132.14

Solubility: 75g in 100mL @ 20˚C

Storage Conditions: Store in well-sealed containers in a cool, dry area


Additional Information – Ammonium Sulfate NF/FCC/ACS:

Ammonium Sulfate Allergen Statement: Product does not contain any of the known allergens including dairy, egg, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

BSE/TSE Status: Product does not contain, nor is produced with any animal products or any material of animal origin, and does not contain BSE/TSE.

Ammonium Sulfate Country of Origin: Product is Manufactured in the United States.

GMO Status: This Ammonium Sulfate product does not contain genetically-modified organisms nor are genetically-modified organisms used in its manufacture.

Ammonium Sulfate GRAS Status: Product is considered “GRAS” (Generally Recognized as Safe) under FDA’s Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) Title 21, Section §184.1143 for Ammonium Sulfate. Please reference FDA’s CFR Title 21 for conditions of use.



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